Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Counterfeit Kit Challenge!

I found out about an awesome new challenge from two peas called Counterfeit Kit. I have never ordered an online kit before, but I have swooned over several! One of my goals for this year is to USE my huge stash, and this is the perfect way to get me started!

Why I love it:
1. It's free.
2. I will go through all my old stuff and bring NEW life to it.
3. It's free.
4. I will have a new kit to scrap with instantly :)
5. It's free.
...well, you get the point!

You can find the challenge here:

They posted the first kit to lift today and I had a blast playing with my stash! However, I really wanted those amazing little Jenni Bowlin Bingo cards. I have never purchased any, so I got creative! I made my own using a simple word doc. and I loved the outcome! I simply printed them on some cream cardstock that I had lying around. They have endless potential! Lucky for you, I like to share!

Here are the links to download the bingo cards! Sorry they are 3 seperate files, I was having issues!
Bingo January-April
Bingo May-August
Bingo September-December

Here is my January Counterfeit Kit with my knockoff bingo cards!!!


  1. These are fantastic and will be replacing the sad ones that I made for my kit. LOL Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the nice plug for our blog!

    Counterfeit Kit Challenge

  2. Awesome freebie, thank you so much for sharing!!! I was online looking for some free printable bingo cards this morning!!These are perfect! They would look great printed on kraft or colored cardstock, too!

  3. You made Bingo Cards for us to share? How cool is that! Thank you. I'm making up my kit and hope to post it very soon.

  4. Great kit!! I had some TA Bingo cards so I didn't need these this time, but I've saved them. I'm sure I'll use them in the future!

  5. Hi Erin ! Your kit is awesome. Thanks for the Bingo card template you sent me. It helped put the finishing touches on my kit. This is so fun !

  6. Your kit looks amazing! Thank you for posting the free Bingo card, I will definitely use it in the future!

  7. I am so inspired to do this! Thank you so much for the bingo cards!
    I LOVE them.

  8. I love the kit you have put together Erin, the bingo cards look amazing.

    Love the kit inspired from Cocoa Daisy too.

  9. Such a great kit and exciting to see you have made even more knock offs!!! This is such a cool idea and a great way to get excited about what we already have!! :)

  10. Your kit looks like it has lots of wonderful goodies. Thanks for sharing the bingo cards.

  11. Great kit. Thanks so much for the bingo cards, printed them on some recycled cardstock to use in my kit. I am your newest follower!

  12. What a great way to start the New Year, the challenge and your blog - loving it!

  13. Just putting together my own kit so thanks very much for the bingo cards download.

  14. Great kit. Love the bingo cards thank you for sharing them.

  15. I cant seem to download these :(

    Just got over here from the counterfeit challenge smash post

  16. Erin, I found your Bingo cards doing a search and can't download them without paying for the site. Then I noticed that your post was made a couple of years wondering if they are still available somehow? Thank you so much.